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A Busy, Busy Lady

By Aliasgar Mansur Khambati

You are one who is busy all year round,

But you have your feet, so surely, on the ground

Time is something which passes in a swish,

A few extra hours of rest, is all you wish.

What a daughter, sister and a wife you have been,

With love in your eyes so watchful and keen.

Being there for your loved ones, makes you glee,

You are up and about once you sip the morning tea.

Migraines and headaches don’t let you bother,

You keep going, you have the will of a doting mother.

You are a friend to many as they find you so loyal,

It is a virtue, so great, so grand, so royal.

You have a panache for fun and creative game,

The enthusiasm in you is so hard to tame.

Your humour and wit can gel so well,

What’s hidden behind that grin is so hard to tell.

You’ve had a fascination for exotic travels,

Delighting you with the secrets it unravels.

Keep exploring and moving as this planet is your platter,

We wish the pile of your passports get fatter and fatter.

Be just the way you are and don’t change a bit,

May your life, year after year, be always lit.

By Aliasgar Mansur Khambati

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