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A Boy's Love

By Abhyavartin Selvam

A boy's love for his mother

can be least described by words

She nourishes, he cherishes

Whatever goes wrong

he's got his mother's arm

She gave her blood, flesh and soul

to say the least

But whatever she feeds

is surely a feast

Now the boy's all grown up

He learns his feelings towards her

He finds an affection for the first time

Their first smile, first cry, first fight

They split.....

He misses, he wishes, he remenisces...

Wedding bells, floral decorations

Oh yes our young boy is now a man

He has found solace in a woman

He plans, he demands

only happiness for his family

His worries are shared

His daughter writes a beautiful poem

for his loving dad

They grew old, their marriage

Had ink touching paper

Leading to two lives held forever

they fought through life

He lived through her death

Now he sits for the last time

With only his thoughts and laughs

Hoping to go through this once more

He sighs and takes his last breath of life

By Abhyavartin Selvam

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