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A Bit Of You, For You Were Always There

By Madhusudan Santosh Chandak

You were there when I came in fresh and raw;

You were there as I grew, into this world full of awe.

A bit of you I absorbed, and a bit by bit, I grew;

Those moments of your passion to give, lits my heart anew!

You were there molding me through our actions and emotions;

Holding my hand closely only to let go, this piece of your own creation.

In bits and bits, it all comes to me as moments to guide my destiny;

For, in that flicker, you feel so near as I wander fighting my tragedies!

You were still there as I left unsure and still are as I lean beyond;

Knowing it must hurt to let go; a bond through time; so fond of, I Know!

Be assured, for I am aware of your pain;

I will not let it all ever go in vain!

In good, I praise you, and in bad to you, I pray;

For somewhere in those bits of you lies a key to enlighten my way.

I walk the path you lit and promise to walk it right;

And as I walk, I will lit that bit to guide all through your light!

With this light of yours and the presence of your grace;

A bit of you I’ll absorb from each of those memorable days.

With the joy, hope, and bliss of my being, I’ll make you feel proud from deep within!

And as I tread this path, I’ll remember that all I am,

is a bit of your dream!

By Madhusudan Santosh Chandak

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