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A Betrayal

By Greeshma Kini

I did not realize back then,

What you had done.

You had neither sword nor pen,

Yet you had won.

Some sort of twisted game,

I wasn’t aware of playing.

But it gave you the fame,

Of which you were dreaming.

I ran away crying,

Still quite unaware.

I came back crying,

For I still did care.

But when I stayed away,

Was when you came to me.

Did I deny you? Nay.

My forgiveness was free.

Your head still head high,

Despite your crime.

I believed your lie.

And I didn’t regret our time.

Now I look back.

And see what you did.

I want to take back,

Everything I did.

In the end though,

You didn’t win.

Traitors never do so.

They never win.

By Greeshma Kini

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