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A Beginning With No End

By K.Keerthana

Leaving an imprint on the moist sand

Of the beach shore

Your imprint washed away long ago

Still I try to trace back to you

Just as we bumped into each other years ago

Looking at the red sun

Sinking into the silent sea

Last rays glimmering on my ring

Rays telling me you’re somewhere out there

Running my fingers across your

Engraved name on the ring ‘letting down the stiff face

Bursting those heavy baggage of emotions .

Can’t abandon this house of ours

So many memories filled in

Every corner i know

Laughing and running everywhere

We were

Always hiding our feelings with

The friendship tag

Both had some excuses to meet

From twice a week to everyday .

Walking home , after a busy day

Seeing house lit with candles

Fragrance of delicate scent

You pulled me into a slow dance

In the backyard .

Romantic that you are

Laughing at my silly jokes

Gazing deep into my eyes

Gently caressed my cheek , palm so warm

With the star shining the brightest

You knelt down and confessed your love

Pulled out rings with names engraved

Priceless B’day gift it was

Happy were the tears flowing down,

Telling you that I felt the same

Both cuddled and talked

For hours gazing at the stars

Floating in the midnight sky

Fell asleep holding hands

With the rings on

An end of the wonderful date

Of ours

When waves crashed the shore

Flourish of this feeling lasted 11

More years , still does

Until you had to leave for work .

Weeks turned into months ,

Months turned into years

no letter ,no message

How are you , where are you ?

Hope you know ,

This soul mate of yours is

Waiting by the shore

Desperate every day ,

To see the smile and shining eyes of yours.

By K.Keerthana

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