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A Beautiful Cage

By Maahi Verma

Under fall ceilings,

Decorated with golden earrings,

Exists someone who has hopes from none.

But everyone relies on her,

And there she might be in wonder.

Her anger is no less than a disaster,

With a taste of sadness after.

She thinks if she’ll ever be able to get out,

If she’ll ever know what her existence is about.

When she sees birds soaring high up in the air,

She blames her life for being so unfair.

She cries and lies,

About her lows and highs.

She knows of her capabilities,

But is unable to utilise much of her abilities.

Because unlike other sparrows,

Her marvellous wings are tied to the windows.

For her to watch others enjoy their first flight,

While here she is on the window-sill, sitting in plight.

Yet, with her hopes undead,

She said it all unsaid.

By Maahi Verma

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