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By Yana Menacherry

It was a cold winters night

And under my sheets

I snuggled up tight

Dreaming of candies and sweets

Where naughty meets nice

Full of sugar and spice

I mixed up a pot of

Fur-balls and ice

Yeti, I’m going to call him

Yeti is his name.

This hairy monster

With a mane hard to tame

Thick hair, round eyes

Flat nose, big toes.

He stomps on snow

To scare off his foes

Living alone in the cold of winter

Yeti is lonely and bitter

He wants to see the world

Every creature, every critter

The volcanoes and gorges,

Valleys and hills

Yeti thought of all the

Exciting, endless thrills

He would walk, he would run

He would swim and dive

Yeti would live a truly

Wonderful life

But Yeti knew

If he left his cave

The humans would kill him

And celebrate his grave

If only they didn’t hate him so

Yeti would live away from the


On hot, sandy beaches

Eating dry fruits and peaches

Now Yeti hides back in his cave

Hoping tomorrow the sun rises


Hoping he’d feel the heat

That would melt away his pain.

But on this cold winters day

As I wake up I say,

“If I ever see a Yeti,

We’ll be friends, I pray”

By Yana Menacherry

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