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By Pooja Gupta

All of us are fighting wars, aren’t we?

Some fight for their countrymen on the borders, staying away from them,

Some fight for their loved ones, for staying with them.

Some fight corporate politics, to hang in there,

Some fight for that big placement, just to get there.

Some fight to get through that big professional test,

Some fight to simply go to school in the social unrest.

Some fight to have a meal in that fancy restaurant in the mall,

Some fight to simply have a meal at all.

Some fight for their love,

Some fight with their love,

Some fight to stay with their love.

Some fight for their families,

Some fight with their families.

Some fight to get fitter and thrive,

Some fight just to stay alive.

Well, the point is,

All of us are fighting wars,

At different levels.

Will these wars ever end?

Will we ever be at peace?

I guess we all know the answer.

By Pooja Gupta

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