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By Arushi (Aru Shan)

I promise to hold you On hazel nights when the moon is blur Lanterns dripping oil Or water, no one would tell.

The bluish from LEDs Might enchant the dancing roof The music of dogs Howling from sneaky pneumonic cold.

I promise to hold you In orange evenings kissing the moon Eagles returning to nests Or swooping for prey, we won't know.

The half-painted walls Cement sheets falling from surfaces If your footsteps crunch My palms will cushion the noise traces.

I promise to hold you When the sunflowers will resonate colour Crazy heat on your tips And I shall surrender with valour.

The sweaty mop of forehead hair Hypnotized eyes raking your lips I promise to hold you Till dawn arrives and sinks our ships.

By Arushi (Aru Shan)

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