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By Supriya Bharti

There is this urge sometimes,

To run, and keep running


Do not know,


Do not know

What is known is that I want to run

As fast as I can till I am exhausted,

Till can submit myself to the pain

Till it hurt and hurt and till it end.

I want to run, not slow but fast.

Faster and faster

And faster enough to get drained

Till I start breathing heavily,

Till I reach you,

Or till I reach me.

I want to run,

And run recklessly

That stones on the way hurt me,

That thorns prick and I get scratches

And till I can see the injury, coz I am done feeling it only.

Those injuries, those scars and blood

Make me cry, and empty the fill.

I want to run, but with a purpose to come

To come with life and soul,

And energy and strength,

When I have settled all the disputes

And lost all the wars, and there is nothing to lose.

When I have ME.

By Supriya Bharti

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