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By Nikhil

Time came to exist when the big bang happened

Before that there was no time

Beings before the big bang did not age, they were perfect beings .

They need not travel hence if they would have to bind a duration to it

They were omnipotent and present everywhere

They had consciousness but no organs

Hence no shape

They might have been A point size beings... Illuminating

Infinite mass

There has to be a number But you see infinity isn't never ending… infinity is the number we can't reach or imagine... Which is contrary to the concept because we just named it

So where were we omnipotent omnipresent beings.


But But But

As the concept of multiverse exists

Every universe happened due to huge explosions, or some would say a bang, big bang of one of those beings hence the concept of multi verse exists.

Coz if it all came from one entity there cannot be two separate entities expanding differently most probably at different rates.

My question is.... Is it possible that not all of those beings exploded…?

Some remain stable

And I daresay- those beings are none other than GOD

By Nikhil

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