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By Shambhavi

Every time I see you, you're running,

pacing and chasing nothing

You never take a respite

Will you please halt for some time

because I want to take a sigh.

Sigh and relax,

I want some more time

to bring back fire out of the ash

to be free, open my arms, and dance.

Can you turn back the time

so that I can take care of

that one relative that died

so that I can go back and

hear the school bell chime.

I miss all the time

that I have spent

The teenage hustle

didn't let me breathe through the vent

Will you give me some space

so that I can let the blues out

so that I can come over self-doubt.

Petals are falling down

the smallest, the tallest, and the fastest

are running around

and I am running, pacing, and chasing you

and I want to take a respite too

By Shambhavi

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