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By Saloni Sharma

Let’s talk once again today

as today may be the last day.

How much longer it will last? isn't it going way too fast?

Moment to moment I am whispering

unable to find my missing strings

set my heart on everything

though slim chance of getting anything

I thought, I fixed this beautiful mess

as I couldn't care less!

Things that matter the most hidden behind the wall of illusion.

Today, without any vision of perfection 1 am falling in love with being alive.

Today, I know the joys of genuine laughter.

In ecstasy with the beauty of sky

my nepenthe for today to make me feel high


pages must turn, hoping to get one more chance to learn


it is a new day in different world which seems to bel little blurred

I thought it must be heaven

But, let me make a little confession.

Thank God! it was just a sweven And

yes, it is yet another day and, I will stay.

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