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Updated: 2 days ago

By Varun Arora

Soul and Spirit suffers a deep pain,

Engulfed with darkness that remains....

Soul once which overwhelmed with a happy radiant glow,

Now faded away, always feeling sad and low...

Soul which once felt complete and whole ,

Now it feels empty like a big black hole ....

With darkness around engulfing all hope,

The future looks lost in dark clouds of smoke...

Since the soul lost its spark,

Life has lost its path in the betrayals dark....

Spirit feels tied in shackles and chains,

The soul feels numb after going through all the pain...

With lots of painful stories standing beside,

Life feels like a really hard ride....

Time has manipulated the soul,

Now surviving and existing remains the only goal....

Age has played a harsh and cruel role,

Crushed, shattered and destroyed dreams whole....

Spirit left drained low n weak,

With lost zest and no energy left to speak..

Full of fights trying to survive,

With only fears, pain and deep darkness down to abide...

Traveling at low tide,

The heart feels numb and empty inside....

Hiding from own emotions ,

Running away from humans around ,

Life feels like a lonely ghost town.. .

By Varun Arora

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