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Updated: Jan 12

By Roze Menon

I’ve never had it before,

I don’t want to touch it,

Make it stained with my expectations,

Bear all the repercussions.

It’s not you, you are so neat,

Standing there trying to give,

But my phone is on airplane mode,

Scared to switch on the receiving node.

Not ready to take on,

Whatever comes my way,

Easily ruined with my touch,

My presence has some dark and such.

I’m bright and laugh so loud,

Scream so loud, love so loud,

All this got me crying so bad,

Solitary scenes, so sad.

Trusting was hard

But I dared anyway,

I don’t know how I exactly

Found the ones I shouldn’t, so me.

Wrong time, wrong me,

Wrong things, wrong scenes,

I bought all the tickets,

But it was still the wrong seats.

I’ve never had it before,

How would I ever know,

That it’s you I can trust,

Maybe not get hurt?

By Roze Menon

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