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By Dr Manasi Naphade

This loneliness

Spreads around me

Encompassing me like the infinite space

And this world

With it’s sick games

Makes me sad to my core

The Sun

Shines only to remind me

How dull my life has become


As this heaviness wears down my body

I wonder should I just stay in bed

But then it rains

And it’s soft thud

Dampens all the noise in my head

A lightning

Flashes across the sky

And wakes me from my slumber

A tear falls on my cheek

And I don’t feel so alone anymore

As the soft thud turns into heavy thunder

The whole sky

Becomes a palette

And fills up with the colours of my emotions setting me free


The dark clouds move away

To make way for the most beautiful rainbow you will ever see.

By Dr Manasi Naphade

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