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By Ritisha Kapur

The water droplets caress my face, 

Trickle down my nose, gently touching my cheek. 

They fall down my neck, onto my arms, 

And swiftly reach my palm.   

One drop of water lies in the centre of my hand, 

I clutch it before it dries up and leaves unplanned. 

More water droplets start falling, 

Some touching my cheek and others subtly dropping.  

I gather all of them in my tiny little palm, 

Needing them to dissolve all my qualms.  

I stand there as the rain rages on 

Becoming stronger and giving me the strength to go on.  

As I stand there, in the middle of the road, 

My worries vanish and my back is relieved of the load.

By Ritisha Kapur

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