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Updated: Jun 27, 2023

By Riya Mukesh Khanna

You made me feel furled,

As I arrived in this glorious world

You played with me all day,

Into your arms, I used to lay

You tutored me to stride,

With you only, I used to ride

Holding my little - little fingers,

You taught me to stand as winners

Whenever I got scared,

You made me feel adored

Whenever I fell,

You strived to make me sense well

Even though, in your hectic plan,

You often spend time with your clan

Whenever I got hurt,

You emerged in a spurt

The smile on my face was from you papa

Though, I forfeited you,when I was five

Though, the time we spent remained extremely less

Still, I remember, the small and wonderful moments.

But, you will be perpetually there in my heart, As my strength, as my soul, and as everything that I could confess

No one could ever take your place,

Because you occupy a very unique position in my heart

I love you so much, papa

Still feeling deserted without you...

By Riya Mukesh Khanna

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