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By Aysha Zehra

When you want to scream your heart out,

But you know you can't ,

That's when you hold your breath and cry ,

Biting yourself , because you can't let

anybody know .

To live with that long gone ache ,

Getting hurt repeatedly ,

Bearing it so much ,

Feeling throttled enough ,

Not being able to breathe ,

Was something of your story .

For your heart to bleed through those crevices unseen ,

Those unheard voices screaming from

the bottom of what's only yours .

Just the river of sadness flowing out of you ,

Feet going numb .

Those arms not even able to move an inch ,

And the days spent crying draining

the pillow all wet .

The agony which used to drown you in ,

That which of now and then ,

Always gave you a choice to grieve over what .

But all those were just too hard to chose among ,

Because everything was just soo painful .

While everyone used to sleep sound ,

It was laying back on bed and tears rolling down in dissarray .

While those worn out shoes never came to any use for people once it's weary ,

It was believing yourself to never make anything easier ,

for the people around you to be happy .

And it was all these lousy setbacks ,

Just crippling you with fear as it had always gotten more and more .

Although each time you let those flow out of you ,

There's assuredly something which leaves making your heart all airy ,

Though it still bides by your flimsy feelings unsorted .

You pick your senses up ,

And it's always your perception that rings in your head .

And yet you had found the door to your bliss ,

But had lost the keys somewhere .

However you certainly don't know where to find them ,

As you don't know it is left within you ,

And that you had lost them within yourself .

By Aysha Zehra

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