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By Khushi Khatib

It’s okay that

You’re leaving

When you said

You will not.

It’s okay that

You’re leaving.

Even though my heart

Is beating

Right out of my chest.

Cause I’m no longer

You’re muse.

Forever is a ruse;

And everything is a test.

Its okay that

You’re leaving.

Cause sometimes, just sometimes

The sun shines bright when it’s raining;

And weeds stand upright

In a garden of roses, growing.

Many things happen when they ought not.

When you said for all time

Now I think not.

I won’t stop you, but know

You won’t leave my thoughts.

So, it’s okay that you’re leaving.

Cause I understand

Things happen everyday

Even when they aren’t

Supposed to be that way.

By Khushi Khatib

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