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" Moon "

By Firo (Firosghan)

Yes.., You have always been there

When a woman delivered me to this world with love

When a man shouldered me the knowledge with hope

When a friend runs along with me with courage

When the society dumped me with its cruelty

When a girl betrayed me with her trust

You witnessed everything from the sky

We all go through cycles, but how could you ?

Rise every night with your luminescence though engulfed with darkness

More or less we both are same like a partner, yet you’re not mine

When my pain hidden in a blank smile, yours is just in a plain sight.

Away from people away from pain you hides

yourself in a sight of plain.

When the night falls it’s not the dark I’m afraid of

It’s the thoughts I’m pinned with.

I’ve told you once and I’ll say you again, you never failed me

to fall for you whenever I see you.

Hold me tight like the night hugs you every night

If you don’t give up, I won’t either

Like a shadow in the moonlight let me be your moonknight

In this endless journey of life.

Awaiting your arrival to haul me with you when my last day ends in this universe

By Firo (Firosghan)

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