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By Abarna N

Gazing at your eyes, your soul’s gateway

In that sea of stillness I m drowning effortlessly

Warmth while holding your hands , a getaway

Oh Again I am falling for you voluntarily

Your world collided with mine

Just like the collision of the stars

The happiest and secret places that used to be mine

Became the irreplaceable part in the world of ours

Not only because it was already written

Perhaps I might have been smitten

By the eyes of you

Now I m bound to you

In your smile , I lost my tears

In your presence , I lost my fears

With you I can be myself

Giving the unfiltered me to yourself

Nothing to lose,

I am at ease

Filling the abyss of my heart

You are perfect at your art

I wonder what it is

Perhaps love it is

And we got each other to lean on , to hold on

In the end love won

By Abarna N

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