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By G Yashaswini Patel

In India, in a small village called Antapur, there was a girl named Sitara. She was from a middle-class family, and her age was 23. In the family, there were four people: Rameswar, her father Sumitra, her mother, and Sitara herself. Her father works for the mafia as a servant. The mafia’s name is Amaretto, and it is the biggest mafia in Andhra Pradesh. Sitara was studying law at Vijayanagar College, and she got a free scholarship there. She was a very good student, and she liked studying. The mafia Amaretto’s head was Mahesh, who was further led by his son, Vinay, who runs the mafia. Vinay's mother, Vaijayanthi, had died when Vinay was 2 years old. So Sitara did not like her father working under the mafia because all of them are criminals. And one day, while Sitara was leaving for college, her dad forgot his lunch box, so her mother told her to go and give her father the box on the way. She had never seen Vinay. So as soon as she entered, a young boy who was none other than Vinay was entering the office. She was getting late to her college, so she just gave the box to whomever she saw and left. The moment Vinay saw Sitara, he taught her, "Who’s this lady who does not know me and is not scared of me when everyone else is scared of me?" At the same time, he started liking her. He asked all the workers over there who she was, but no one knew. Then, finally, Vinay asked Rameswar to show him the photo of Sitara. Vinay asked, "Do you know this lady?" Rameswar answered, "Yes, sir, she’s my daughter." Vinay was really happy to know that she was Rameswar’s daughter. Viany asked, "Rameswar, what’s your daughter’s name?" Rameswar answered, "Sir, her name is Sitara Devi." Vinay was really happy. So he decided to ask Sitara’s father for a marriage proposal. But Vinay thought to discuss this matter with his father, Mahesh. So as soon as he finished all his work in the office, he went home. He decided to discuss Sitara’s matter with his father during dinner time. While dinner time was approaching, Vinay and his father were sitting and eating. Vinay said,"Dad, I love a girl." Mahesh asked, "What do you love a girl?

Who is she?" Vinay said," Her name is Sitara Devi; she is the daughter of Rameswar, who works in our office as a clerk." Mahesh asked," Why is Rameswar's daughter only? What's so special about her?" Vinay said,'' I don’t know, but when I’m near her, I feel something special. Her innocence on her face and her cleverness made me like her so much. So I have decided to marry Sitara, and I’ve decided to ask for a marriage proposal from her father. What do you tell Dad?" Mahesh said," If you love her so much, go forward and ask her dad for a marriage proposal. I accept your marriage with Sitara." Vinay said, "Thanks, dad, thank you so much." Mahesh said," I don’t want a thank you; introduce Sitara to me as soon as possible, ok?" Vinay said, "Sure, Dad." After dinner, Vinay was really happy—so happy that he did not sleep all night. The next morning, Vinay went to Sitara’s house. This morning, when Sumitra opened the door, she was shocked to see Viany on her doorstep. Sumitra called Vinay inside; he sat on a chair, and she said she would call Rameswar. Rameswar was shocked to see Vinay in his house. Rameswar asked in a very scared voice, "Sir,what made you come so far in the morning?" Viany answered," I would like to come to the point directly; I like your daughter Sitara. I want to marry her. You can take this as a marriage proposal." Rameswar was shocked to hear that Vinay liked his daughter. He could not believe it. At the same moment, Sitara was also not at home because she had gone on her college tour. She will be back this evening. Rameswar answered, "Sure, sir, I accept this marriage proposal. I am glad to give my daughter to you." Vinay said, "I'm glad that you accepted my marriage proposal. Thank you so much, uncle." Vinay even gave Rameswar some money as a gift. After Vinay left, Sumitra asked Rameswar, "Why did you accept the proposal that they gave? They are criminals." Rameswar answered, "I've been working under them for many years, and I have seen how Vinay behaves with his enemies and criminals. And how does he behave with his loved ones? I accept they run a mafia and are surrounded by criminals, but that does not mean they are also brutal and harsh with their loved ones. I believe that Sitara will be happy with Vinay." Sumitra answered, "Are you sure they are good people? Can Sitara live a good life with Vinay?" Rameswar answered, "I'm 100% sure that Sitara will have a good life with Vinay. And also Sumitra; she's my daughter. Why would I make wrong decisions in my daughter’s life?" Sumitra answered, "Ok, accept this proposal. Will Sitara accept it? She doesn't like you working under them. Will she accept to lead her life with Vinay?" Rameswar answered," Let her come back from her college tour; I’ll ask, and she’ll surely accept." Sumitra said,"Ok." When Sitara came home in the evening, she saw her mother and father really happy, but she did not know the reason behind it. After she freshened up, she went to the kitchen to help her mother make dinner. Sitara asked, "Amma, why are you and Appa so happy?" Can you tell me, ma? Sumitra answered, "I will tell you later. First, go and speak to Appa. Appa wanted to tell you something. By that itself you will get to know the reason behind our happiness." Sitara said, "Then it would be something really good. I’ll go and ask Appa only." Rameswar was sitting in the hall watching TV and also waiting for Sitara. Rameswar asked, "Sitara, how was your college tour? Did you have fun?" Sitara answered, "It was nice, Appa. I had fun." Ramewar said, "Sitara, you know where I work, right?" Sitara said, "I know you work under that Amaretto mafia." Rameswar asked," You know who leads the maifa now?" Sitara answered," I think it is Mahesh uncle." Ramseswar said, "No, now the mafia is led by Mahesh’s son Viany." Sitara said, "Oh, ok, but why are you telling this to me, Appa?" Rameswar said, "I'm telling this to you because Vinay likes you, and this morning he came with a marriage proposal, and I have accepted it." Sitara was shocked and said, "Should I marry a mafia leader? No way! Appa, I don’t want to marry him, please." Rameswar said, "Sitara, see, I’m your father, right?" Sitara answered,"Yes, Appa." Rameswar said," Then do you think I would make wrong decisions in your life?" Sitara said, "No, Appa, you would never do that; I know it." Rameswar said, "Then why do you think this marriage decision of mine is not correct?" Sitara said, "Appa first, Vinay is a Mifa leader, and second, he is surrounded by brutal criminals. I don’t like such a volatile environment around me, Appa." Rameswar said," You do not need to go to the office at all. And don’t worry about Vinay; he is not like others; he's a very kind person. I believe that you will lead a very good life with Vinay." Sitara said, "Ok, Appa, I believe your decision." Rameswar said,"Ok, ma, go eat and sleep." Sitara left, and she went into her bedroom. She lay down on her bed, thinking about what her father had said. She did not like Vinay and also did not want to marry so fast, but she could not tell her father and mother because she did not want to disappoint her parents. That’s why she accepted the proposal. Days passed, and finally the marriage day was December 18th. It was a special day for Vinay,Mahesh, Rameswar, and Sumitra, but Sitara was not so happy; she was really scared. After the marriage, Vinay and Sitara went to Vinay’s home in the morning. Sitara saw the house, and she liked it very much. It was big, and all the workers over there were friendly with her. During dinner time, Mahesh and Viany were eating, and Sitara was serving food for them. Vinay said, "Sitara, come and eat with us." Sitara said, "It's ok, Vinay; I'll eat later." Mahesh said,"It's ok, come and eat Sitara." Sitara could not say no. So she sat next to Vinay and had dinner. She never expected that people like mafia leaders could also be so kind-hearted. After a few months, Vinay and Sitara became really close. Rameswar and Sumitara came to Sitara’s home. Rameswar was surprised to see Sitara so happy with Vinay. Sitara asked her parents, "Amma Appa, how are you?" Sumitra answered, "We are fine; how are you?" Sitara answered, "I'm fine, Amma; you can also see how happy I am." Rameswar asked, "Sitara, where is Vinay? I want to speak with him." Sitara said, "Appa, he is near the dining area." Rameswar was going to the dining room. Vinay saw Rameswar and asked, "Uncle, what a pleasant surprise!" How are you, uncle?" Rameswar answered, "I'm fine, Vinay. I have heard that someone is trying to attack you and Sitara. " Because a few days ago a few people were there near the office, they seem to be really dangerous, so be careful, Vinay." Viany said, "Sure, uncle, I will look after it." After that, Rameswar went to Sitara and spoke with her. Later, Rameswar and Sumitra left home. Mahesh and Vinay had gone to the office, and Sitara was alone at home. Mahesh came home in the afternoon. Sitara asked," Uncle, where is Vinay?" Mahesh answered, "There are a few people who were trying to attack you and Vinay, so he went in search of them. He almost caught them, but by the time we reached them, they had taken poison and died, so Viany is just clearing up all the issues and giving a warning to all his enemies not to interfere in his personal life." Sitara said," I just want Viany to be safe." Mahesh said, "He’s safe; no need to worry." After a few years, Sitara and Viany had a daughter, whose name was Teju. Mahesh,Vinay, Sitara, and Teju were really happy with their small family.

By G Yashaswini Patel

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Pragathi G
Pragathi G
Jun 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

cute love story 😜

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