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You Needn’t Do Something

By Sudhalekshmi M

You needn’t do something because

That’s what

Everyone keeps doing,

You needn’t do something because

That’s what

Someone says you to do,

You needn’t do something because

That’s what you are supposed to do,

Trust me, there’s nothing like that!

You needn’t do something because

That seems easy

Nor because that seems difficult.

Nope, nope,nope.

Of course, you can,

But the point is,

You needn’t!

Instead, DO IT.

DO IT because you want to DO IT.

Do it because

That’s what

Every fiber of your being

Yells you to do,

No matter

How small or how big

That seems to be,

Do it because

That’s what

The voice of your heart

Hums to you

In your quiet time together

Do it for you

And for nothing

And noone else,

Mind you,

Not even for this world.

For in the end,

We’d all walk away

And it’d just be

A matter of

You and your heart!

By Sudhalekshmi M

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