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By Fatema Rajkotwala

What is love?

I don't really know it ANYMORE

I thought I've mastered the definition of it

With all the heartbreaks that I've faced

After falling for somebody.. it almost felt like falling on my face

But was that even love?

Maybe not.!

Because doesn't love uplift you to be a better person?

Rather than being the reason you're broken with insecurities and trust issues

So what is love?

Is it the feeling that just stupidly makes you smile randomly at any hour of the day

Or is it when you feel cared for and looked after

For me, it has always been Love equals = heartbreak

But this time, it's just fear and not a heartbreak

So do I call it love?

Because maybe I don't feel anything

I don't feel I'm falling for someone

I rather feel I'm very stable having that person around

So is it just a romantic arrangement that lasts for a few days, months or years?

Or a habit that takes you to places together?

So tell me... What exactly is Love?

By Fatema Rajkotwala

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