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By Aditya Raja

What is between a girl and a boy?

Is it the same thing like my affection for my cutie pie?

Can I say I love my cute kitten?

Is it love or am I just smitten?

Can I say I love the red rose blooming?

Is it love or are my nascent emotions rising?

Can I say I love the red sun in the morning?

Mom says,

Yes! It is love what heals us,

It connects us to light within us.

Love makes our life colorful,

Inspires us and makes us soulful.

Love is what is inside us,

It unites us when the evildoers try to divide us.

Love is what gives us peace,

Love is the reason why we live in this morally corrupt world with ease.

Love is the purest thing in the Universe,

It is when your dad wipes my tears and tells me I love you in my ears.

Love is when I see you smiling,

My heart opens son that is the most beautiful feeling.

Love others son, like you love yourself,

Never hate others or be ruthless.

Son you should be the ray of light,

When everyone is full of fright.

Son you have to be the spark and slay the demons of the dark.

When you do this with all your might, I will be proud that I produced a divine shark.

By Aditya Raja

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