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By Sanjnna Girdhar

Love is a profound experience, it is the sweetness of emotions within you. I am in this very moment and am feeling calm, composed, ecstatic, joyful, exuberant and absolutely loved. I feel loved by my soul, by the entire cosmos, I can feel the eternity within me in this precious moment. Compassion, empathy, acceptance, surrender and absolute devotion are the five elements of love. These are the five strings of life, when played in harmony, produce the

music of love.

As I am feeling this love growing deep inside me, aspiring to bloom its immortal flower in our lives, I am writing this and I realised that the secret of love is love itself. If there's love, everything becomes a possibility. Life is a possibility and it can truly be experienced solely by love. Love my dear is the answer, always!

By Sanjnna Girdhar

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