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By Medha Mishra

Love the simplest yet confusing feeling in the world. Some people die for it and some refuse to accept it’s existence…

I Love you!

A word “love” elevated into “I love you”. An expression which is considered as the most loving and direct confession ever.

But is it?

What I feel is it is the most pale and confusing thing to say for a confession.

It creates so much of confusion.

You say you love me!

How do you love me?

How much love do you have for me?

Do you tell people about what I am to you instead of just who I am? What difference do I make?

Do you really mean it?

What makes you to think about me?

How often you think about me?

This expression alone is just not enough for me, it clears nothing. A Japanese writer once told his students to say ‘the moon is beautiful’ instead of just ‘I love you.’ Because ‘I love you’ has never been a popular phrase in Japan.

Tell me what I am to you

Tell me the breakfast you had this morning was yum

Say red is my colour

Look for your reflection in my eyes

Ask me to have meals with you

Tell me the Moon is beautiful

Tell me I am beautiful !

By Medha Mishra

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