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By Shalini Baluja

Life in itself is an amazing journey

It brings sorrow, pain, love and tolerance,

But it can not be defined by these words

As it is incomplete in its complete sense.

Many alphabets are joined together to form a name,

But that can never give a true identity to a person,

It’s not the name that shines in the glory of hard work,

It is the diligence that shines in the glory of perspiration.

I can’t define my life in a few lines,

It’s too short of words,

But I can define my failures,

As I never worked hard to do wonders.

I had never been able to discover my true passion,

As I always prioritised my obligations,

I rigoursly worked to make others feel happy,

And tried to live as per others’ perceptions.

I made myself a puppet in the hands of destiny,

Which dragged me into the dungeon of regret,

I don’t have many successes in my piggy to acclaim,

But have many shattered dreams to collect.

I lost myself in the journey of my life,

Lost for never to be found again,

As I tried to find success in the crooked lines,

Instead of marking my place through pain.

By Shalini Baluja

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