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By Nitesh Shelar

I wish to quote a poetry ! I wish to just write. Can you tell how much do you love me ? and I say until you count all stars of the night ! What understanding has crossed your minds ? What has made you so numb ? The cold palms I have held of yours , is it you or is it someone? Someone I have known or is it the future that I am holding. I can't smell you any longer tell me whom am I touching ?

The sands seem to shift , my shadow seems blur ! Are those the clouds of rapture, is the sky clear ? I cry in despair, my throat fails to deliver . The silence is loud enough and the suffering is forever. I come to you in shreds , in clothes of innocence and shame . Why am I so hard to love ? Why cant you even mourn my name ? I am a leaf withering from the tree , like a soul cast out of a being . its all dark and clumsy, I do not know where I am going ! Let me rise again this time , let me live please. I dream with my eyes open with my life on a lease ! Come tomorrow oh grim reaper, let me tell the world my dreams today . Let me salvage a few moments to live and for eternity shall I ransom pay !

By Nitesh Shelar

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