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By Harshita Y S

I feel muddled,

Darkness to a child

My current emotion.

Unsettled, Unsure

Like a fist of air,

Present yet obscure.

These feelings of subtle fear

Or Unrestrained thoughts

Torn between ‘to’ or ‘not to’.

It is just another day,

It annoys me ‘the thought’

That, might not see again.

When it passes by,

‘What was your last memory

Of them, do you remember?’

It crushes my heart

To think of it

But I feel helpless, as they come.

It hurts to think

Do I need to see them,

As I long for a memory.

I feel ashamed

And disappointed

At my own thoughts.

See them, the person you cherish

Isn’t it because you cherish

Just because you care and love.

I question my thoughts

‘Why do you care to visit?

Do you love them, or are you scared of loss?’

Too scared to answer my own questions,

My love and care are true, so is fear.

To what do I vow these thoughts?

By Harshita Y S

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