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By Seeta Laxminarayan

As I paint my canvas, I pause to see whether a dash of blue or a tint of green is all I need to capture the mesmerising sea. As I add in the blue & the green, I wonder, if a few mermaids, some coral reefs & a treasure chest will complete the scenery? As I add the treasure chest, I ponder, Should I add a diver to unravel the mysteries of the deep sea?????


The town is painted Deep Red

Or a Grim Black.

Red can be a murky shade,

Black can be a lovely silhouette,

All depends on the different shades you see &

What is in the painter's head!

Green bovines and meadows,

Misty Mountains,

Calm seasides,

While lots may be going on in the insides,

Beautiful cityscapes,

Still life with lovely drapes,

All depends on you &

the colours you mix on your palette!!

By Seeta Laxminarayan

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