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By Pranay Sagar Anumalasetty

Life is a mystery with a lot of challenges stretching every moment and it's in your hands whether to be strained or to be restrained to those stretches.

Life is not just living. It's all about how you are living with proper understanding. Understand yourself and try to look at the world within you. Aware of every second that you live and question yourself on your acts and the same deeds answers you if you are aware of them. Every step that you take in this present reverberates across all the possible futures and only one appears in your timeline which might not be the predicted one but you need to be prepared. Whatever it may be you need to accept it. When the acceptance is clear new paths will get opened for your future. Temporal adjustment might give you some time to think and modify your present for your bright future. But it should not be a permanent compromise. Your future is not defined or structured. You are the navigator of your life. Problems and failures always surround you. You should not be frightened. You should not be stopped. You need to move on. Your thoughts are like burning sun which will rip off darkness that always tries for the victory over you. Don't give the chance to your difficulties to let you down. Rise up like a plant that has been suppressed by the ground. In spite of being dormant, be active to face the challenges and don't bother about failure. Success and failure are not generalized. Every moment will be your experience which will be the base for your approach to a fruitful future.

By Pranay Sagar Anumalasetty

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