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Updated: Jun 5

By Ayn Mawaddat (Zainab Shahzad)

She's my friend

A pure godsent

Stays by my side

In every moment

The morning sky

The chirping birds

Soaring high

In the nature's curves

The blooming plants

The moving ants

Running errands

In rocks and sands

The oceans and seas

The air and the trees

My hair and the breeze

My tickly sneeze

She's my friend

A pure Godsent

Stays by my side

In every moment

I see her in happiness

I see her in sorrow

She lives in my heart

And the instincts I follow

Trust me I've cried

A little I've died

Every single day

Without hope

With dismay

I thought

She's lost

When in pain

Times of no gain

Anxiety and tension

Grief and depression

The hurt in my heart

Might forever last

How much I endured

Tired and lured

By desire to die

Or cry and cry and cry

No vision in sight

Having no insight

Of where to find

My life and bind

Her to me again

Be rid of disdain

The boulder on

My shoulder

I can't carry

I'm weary of misery

This life a deceit

With age I receive

The wisdom to know

Happiness is a show

Of mere deception

Pain and sorrow

The only inception.

She smiles again

I cry out of pain

Why you doing this?

Why ain't you a bliss?

She replies then

'I'm life' amen!

Happiness and hurt

Wound, pain and dirt

Beauty and mirth

Death or birth

I stand everywhere

I'm here I'm there

The stony or living

Maybe Surviving

Or just breathing

You call it nature

And every creature

With a soul

Without a soul

I exist in all

"Life" you call

You have to see

I'm just being me

It's your perspective

I exist irrespective

Of hope and dismay

In pain that will sway

Me out of you

And through the blue

But I'm even there

You just've to be aware

Remember always

I'll find my ways

To be your friend

I'm purely godsent

I'll stay by your side

In every moment

Even if you fail to see

Me around and free

I'm always here

And will always be

And when death

Takes you away

We've parted

Think you may

But I'll be there

On the other side

Only the transition

You'll abide

Whichever side

Of the realm you decide

I'll stand

Lively and grand

As I said here or there

You'll find me everywhere

My life's my friend

A pure Godsent

Stays by my side

In every moment

By Ayn Mawaddat (Zainab Shahzad)

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