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By Disha

The miseries everywhere, world full of sadness,

I chose to be happy, but being dragged to this madness…

We all fight for things that won’t last forever,

Not even us can be assured to live any longer,

The time is only growing, to cut us short of life,

Still we do what we shouldn’t & just dive…

Deep within the blind sea, the huge pool of sorrows;

Then we cry for help, just a little something to borrow…

But not a hand to be seen, not even a Willow,

As, we cut on those hands that meant to stop us,

From the foolish jump into the desires,

But we so short-sighted could not see the tomorrow…

Only the today that drove us into this furrow,

And then we fight more so…

Even with the good ones and so with the heaven,

Just to make ourselves feel better and end up play the victim...

By Disha

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