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By Shashwat Nagar

Lies, lies, lies galore,

Lies of society, lies of folklore,

Boys and girls, men and women,

Define differently, what the truth means to them.

My oh my, how the words slip from your mouth,

Like butter on a knife, birds migrating south,

My oh my, how easy it is for you,

Lying so naturally, like counting 1 and 2.

My oh my, what's with that shrillness in your voice ?

Trying to appeal to people before you play with them like toys ?

My oh my, you look cute with your finger twirled in your hair,

No hint of regret on your face, no ideals found anywhere.

Now I don't know what you're trying to do but girl I'm in love with you,

Break my heart and break my bones, make me sick just like the flu,

Tell me I'm perfect, that you're in love with me too,

Create this world, create this lie, the lie of us starting anew.

Starting anew, a new life together,

A new life, you and me, together forever,

But don't forget, it's a lie, it's not supposed to be real,

Cling to me like a parasite, don't let me heal.

Let me live this lie, till your acting can last,

At the end I'll just wonder "What ? But It got over so fast !"

Tell me you love me, tell me that you care,

But hide that knife behind your back, don't let me prepare.

Come back to that lie, come back to our new life,

Fabricate that dream, that I'll make you my wife,

Who cares if it's unrealistic, who cares if we're too young ?

Because we won't go that far anyway with you stabbing my lung,

Don't let me ask if it's too far to think about marriage,

Shut me up, tie me down, tell me it's ride or die, here in our carriage.

In our carriage of cold love and sweet lies,

The blood and sweat that I sacrificed,

It never mattered, and it never will,

Everything's planned, this carriage will go downhill.

Look me in the eye,

Tell me another lie,

Do it in ways which I can't identify,

Lie with no remorse and make your cute face,

Do it to me again, do it till I break.

Because I can't catch the malice behind your little puppy eyes,

I can't catch the malice behind your sweet, sweet lies,

A cold warmth, an inhuman touch,

I love your lies, can't even say how much,

The happiness I get, I can't even measure,

Your lies are my gift, my one guilty pleasure.

Hey what's going on, I think I'm getting numb,

Throw water on my face and pinch my thumb,

I think I'm waking up, coming back to reality,

I think I'm sensing some holes in your morality.

I come back to my senses and look around me,

This was not the state in which you had found me,

I was much happier, much more secure,

I can't deal with you, I can't do this anymore.

Your lies, your "love", has taken its toll

Corrupted my mind and devoured my soul.

I've had enough, or so I declare,

I'll break through your lies, lay them bare.

I would've been sure you're saying the truth, look at your lovely expression,

But I'm not a fool anymore, it's time for your ugly confession.

You never really loved me, so don't try to act,

You had fun playing with me, to be exact,

Maybe you enjoyed the attention, maybe you liked the priority,

But enough is enough, you're not my authority.

So no need to apologize, let's not pretend,

Our pathetic excuse for a relationship has come to an end.

"You don't need my toxic unworthy ass" was the last thing you said to me,

Well that's right woman, you aren’t a damn necessity.

Breaking up on text ? At least have the courage to face me girl,

Bite your lips and suck your teeth, you'll never be able to replace me girl.

It maybe true that I needed closure, which I'll never be able to get,

But too bad, I don't care anymore, I won't forgive you but I'll definitely forget.

Forget you, and all about your perfect lies,

The memories we had, the lows and the highs,

I'll just get another girl, one who truly loves me back,

Farewell, we're done now, you can suck on my n*tsack.

By Shashwat Nagar

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