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I Do

By Unnati Naik


I do,

I think about you,

I write messages, even when you don't reply,

I plan outings, places maybe we won't go,

I make theories those mostly you would think are nonsense,


I do.

I pick things, sometimes for you, sometimes thinking about you,

But I don't buy them,

You don't accept gifts, I feel proud and then stupid too,

I make cards, atleast made one, for you,

But I know you don't really care,


I do.

I write poems for you,


I listen to songs you listen to,


I remind myself of the songs we love,

Most of the times

I smile to myself,

I do.

I mess up too,

I overthink a lot,

I get lost, like literally,

I do,

But I know you'll be there when I call you,

I know you'll find me,

I know you'll do.

You'll listen, cause you do,

When you're there, you do.

I know you think I'm stupid,

I'm crazy, I'm an idiot,

I know you do,

Maybe I'm, but sane ones don't need people like you,

I do,

Maybe you know I do.

Your name appears in some of my poems,

Your name appears in my mind when I think about my readers,

Your name, it most of the time comes with swears,

You know that don't you?

But you know you deserve it, and you swearing about me,

Ahh, maybe those sweet kinda ones,

I deserve them too,

Cause yeah, we do.

You don't acknowledge me enough,

Maybe I'm annoying for you?

I don't know that, do you?

You say we're not friends,

Then when I get upset you shout and tell me that's obvious that we are,

I don't know what's the truth,

Do you?

You care about me,

You listen to the stories about my nightmares,

Then you tell me that with me you'll learn to hide your feelings completely,

I am super confused.

Aren't you?

Do I tell you?

Or do I hide from you too?

Would you ever feel my heart's enough to hide your feelings too?

I don't know,

Do you?

We met,

It was a coincidence,

Atleast we always thought that,

We've got favourite words and beautiful memories,

Atleast I think we do,

I think we'd have a great life if we stick together for a while longer,

Till the while feels like a lifetime,


I do,

Do you?

By Unnati Naik

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