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By Aditya Faujdar

What is hope in its essence,

Is it the warm presence,

Of someone on a cold day?

Or is it a ray of sunlight,

When there are only clouds in sight,

And shivering, we pray?

Or is it the song that fills the soul,

Lifts from despair, makes one whole,

And checks our step when we loose our way?

Is it a promise of bliss eternal,

Or just rest from the infernal,

When we leave this world one day?

Is it small or is it grand,

Does it prevent the fall or help us stand,

What traits does it display?

A soft caress, an encouraging word,

A litany, a thought, a cry answered,

Its variety could make one fey.

So let it, oh let it heal me,

And you decide, oh generous one,

What will be my hope today?

By Aditya Faujdar

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