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By Amrita Manekar

I know that the times are tough and that things are hard;

But remember that you will always have a place deep in my heart

When I think of the epitome of inner strength, I think of you;

And I know that even in these trying days you will get through.

Sometimes we feel like things are so wrong that they can never be right;

But even these hardships are a part of the bigger picture of life

Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we fall;

But that doesn't mean that we will never rise up at all.

Sometimes things change in the blink of an eye;

And all we are left with are the shadows of tears left to dry

Sometimes we cry, sometimes we silently grieve;

But despite all of this we still have some reasons to live.

I know life will not be the same when you finally read these words;

And I may not even know the true depths of your hurts

I know for you happiness has a long battle to fight;

But the sun still shines even after the darkest night.

By Amrita Manekar

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