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By Keerthana T E

A Cute little word which demands the necessary amount of sacrifice, tonnes of patience, inflexible but consistently improvising mind set, empathetic perspectives and mainly what we lend an ear to and the manner we speak up.

Hope alongside Faith is a brilliant combination - A long-lasting couple with Clarity and Understanding. They are so much intertwined that Hope by itself cannot stand unless we have strong Faith and Consistency towards our actions, and definitely so is Faith.

But what ideally is Hope's identity all by itself?

Hope has the liberty be Positive or Negative owing to the individual's thoughts. Thoughts facilities our deeds which in turn fuels our Hope. Nevertheless, it is something that every person has but receives whatever one deserves rightly and at the right time.

We often here people lamenting over and cursing their Hope. Parents scolding their kids for a reason that may not hold the kid responsible, Children blaming their parents for their choices, Husband and Wife holding responsible for each other's actions, two sweethearts in love gripping on to some kind of disagreement, siblings pushing each other away for their disparity, list goes on. But a common opinion that comes out of all these is a blank statement starting with " I HOPED ____" .

To put it bluntly, it's not the hope that had disparities but the 'Expectations' ! Yes, Expectation is a natural human emotion. But that doesn't mean we build a Hope with Expectations. The foundation gets weaker when every second ticks by. Insanely stubborn towers are bound to crash with such move.

Faith is something that seeks Positivity! In case our Hopes are genuine and pure, clinging on to Faith is a beautiful feeling. Whether we have our hopes fulfilled or not, we're never in the shoes of Ego, never having Expectations as warranty card, never dealing with any kind of mishaps. Just Us, our Hope and Hope's love - Faith. Ah! Makes a beautiful Home!

We might have at least had one person, all of us here, who would have lived with this equation : Happiness = Hope + Faith

Of course not having seen that person wouldn't cause you any damage but we're lucky in case we've met such a person in our lives.

Yes, with my personal experience, these kind of people do not give up that easily, be it any kind of red-blooded situation. They stand firm by what they have spoken and their doings aligns with their speech. Intentions are virtuous by nature, offering their care and support is by far a hush mantra that keeps them going.

With all these qualities do you really think that we need to make the world to look at us with all our efforts and struggles?

Nah! Old school!

Hope and Faith have never let anybody down since the known life existence. Both from a scientific and spiritual perspectives. They instead have pushed us to achieve the impossible. Ahem! Provided the Hope we have is bona-fide. So yes, not all the hopes have achieved satisfaction but the REAL ones have. They ignite our true self and we would not feel the need to be the centre of attention. So when there's no need, no Hope - Simple and easy life.

Happy-go-lucky! 😃

By Keerthana T E

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