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By Meenal Khare


Is it a place,


Is it a feeling?

Is it

The feeling of being engulfed

In a bear hug

While looking through old pictures?

Is it

The way you smile

On passing by that house,

That lights the same incense sticks

As your mum does?

Is it

The way your heart warms up

When your friend

Sends you a meme, saying,

“This is so you”?

Is it

The way calmness washes over you

On listening to your favourite song,

Over and over again?

Or is it

When you visit

Your childhood home

And get the most peaceful sleep?

Or is it

The building

Of your old-school?

Or is it

That lake in your hometown,

That you can never

Get tired of?

I don't know

If it's a place

Or if it's a feeling,

But one thing

That I'm sure of is that

Home is where the heart is!

By Meenal Khare

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