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By Charmaine D'Souza

This space we call home

Is a wonderful place

A space filled with knickknacks galore

Of wall plaques and jars

Mother of pearl inlaid stars

And souvenirs of travels before

This space we call home

Has walls that soak up

Every emotion we feel through the day

Anger, fear and disgust

Love, pride, gratitude, trust

And joy every step of the way

This space we call home

Triggers thoughts of a place

We rush back to all the time

To share stories of our lives

Explore identities, challenge stereotypes

And also to sit back and realign

This space we call home

Often makes us realize

That it's a space you carry in your mind

Filled with warm memories of yore

Of thoughts, deeds and more

And not what you leave behind

By Charmaine D'Souza

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