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By Neha Katakwar

If there is one thing that I have learned,

which is stuck on my mind most of the time, is that never ever place your happiness in the hands of another person.

Because in that way, your happiness won't have a solid base! It can be prone to vanishing in a blink of an eye. And you would become just a puppet then, behaving in a certain way according to their actions. You would be filled with joy and happiness when you are talking to them or around them, but would feel empty and sad when you aren't getting enough attention from them.

But then, what's life if everything is in our control? Because you will find one day that a certain person has entered your life slowly and steadily, and you have somehow started building a home in their heart.

And what's more surprising is that you are observing this process of home building! You are trying to stop your inner self because this heart is their territory and you don't have the authority to build your home there without their permission. But your body shivers, your brain goes blank and you are just standing their, looking at them, falling in love all over again.

You remind yourself that you never wanted to put your happiness in the hands of another person and become a mere puppet. And while you are listening to your inner "ted talk", you realised that your home building process is completed! Damn, you have made a home with all your love and affection in someone else's heart!

But as I said, your home can breathe its life only if the land owner wants to! And now you are a homeless person with home, which you can't call your own.

By Neha Katakwar

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