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By Parnika Garg

I feel like locking myself in the dark,

In utter silence, until i hear no one's bark .

I feel like screaming out loud,

Until water stops pouring from the teary eyed cloud.

I just feel lifeless,

Remembering the burdened memories of anxiety and stess.

I feel like giving up on my last ray of hope,

Finding no brighter future scope!

I feel nothing,

My emotions drive me heartrenching!

I just feel alive,

Fighting with my inner strife.

And at times when it turns extreme,

I just don't feel, I simply bleed

Into the hues of ink,

Till my heart and poetic lines sink,

To feel some better,

To potray another lyrical letter.

I feel life,

I feel fine!

By Parnika Garg

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