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By Dr. Bhavya K.G

Fear, clasping its claw around me.

Tying to fight.

Bite if off.

Wearing out me and you.

Asleep, I am.


It is, my dear.

The dark shadows that cover the moon.

Ringing in my ears, the music of solitude.

4am, when the birds see the morning.

Tired are my eyes, mind flying off.


That I stand below,

Under the foot of that thick heel.

That I will have no answer,

To the pointing tongue that kills,

With words that I do not follow.


It has not left.

A bit here and a bit there.

When the moon goes high in the sky,

What makes me cold?

Pour into my words, that you have never.

Pull me out of this growing knot.

I fear.

Not of you.

But of myself.

By Dr. Bhavya K.G

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