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By Jagruti Parish Jadhav

Beyond the darkness

I choose you

Because I know that

you are the door of this...

Door can be closed or opened...

Depends on how I treat you

How I cherish you...

How I despise you!!

Beyond the happiness

I choose you..

Because I know that..

This is the bridge between us..

Bridge which has no end...

But still it shows affection...

Affection which cause expectations..

Expectations that will be broken easily!!

Beyond the life

I choose you...

Because I know that..

You are my fear...

Fear to cherish our self

Fear to hurt ourself...

Fear to choose angel in us...

Fear to lose devil in us!!

Beyond the fear

I choose you

Because I know that...

You are an imaginary

It might take me with you...

May it will be propitious..

Hope its not the end..

Because it's my endless hope!!

By Jagruti Parish Jadhav

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