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By Velington Afonso

Every leaf that descends and every snowflake that lands 

Every ray of sun that touches the morning dew meets destiny's end 

A plan so divine that every shadow meets the starlight  

An elysian turn that fierce fire meets coolest of might 

To innocence of eyes and unmapped thoughts of lines, 

To the cry for mother's breast and an empty howl at cyan 

The conjoining paths of random actions of one more creation 

Torching the flame of light illuminating one life's darkened animation 

The flux, how it drifts the domino from the first to the last 

Not knowing each other yet making formers present as past 

Astray gets a name and no longer addition to a number 

A home, a family, a purpose and not a splinter but a gem that matters.

By Velington Afonso

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