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By Parisha Kiran Bhatia

Amidst the green and rolling hills,

Where once we laughed and shared our thrills,

Now stands a silence, a void so still,

As our love fades, against our will.

The gentle breeze that once did blow,

Whispering love, with a gentle flow,

Now carries tales of woe,

As our hearts drift away, oh so slow.

The flowers that once bloomed with glee,

Now droop their heads and cease to be,

As our love fades, like a distant memory,

And our hearts yearn to be set free.

We once shared a love so pure,

But now it's a love that's insecure,

As we struggle to find a cure,

For the emptiness we must endure.

We walk along the same old paths,

But the love we had is a thing of the past,

As our hearts are left in a lonesome caste,

And our love falls apart at last.

Oh, how we wish we could rewind,

And find the love we once did find,

But we know that love has been resigned,

And our hearts must leave it all behind.

By Parisha Kiran Bhatia

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