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By Kirtiman Hazarika

What broken, phantom Smiles

Hides behind those Lidded Eyes?

Where cracked Lightning resides

In those veins that Fades, subsides.

When Sunlight peeked into her Soul,

As we embraced in that Summer’s grassy Knoll.

I looked into those brilliant, Iridescent Shines,

And saw Within Fate's breaking, sepulchred Lines.

There endured I the Gaze of Delirium,

Waded through the Styx, into Elysium.

There was Pain in her world worn Sighs,

But for a while, in my arms that Knowledge dies.

I lost her then for I was a Pond,

My shallow depths could ne'er respond,

To that Ocean beneath that in Silence cries.

I realize, I will never be worthy of those Illumined Eyes.

By Kirtiman Hazarika

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