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By Tejashwini Madyal

Thought I could never

Least of all the feels

Jealousy would I ever feel

Not very clever, these emotions

Enraged, so raw and primal

as I see her smile at you

They all vex me

Basking in the warmth of your shine

and laughing at your jokes not so fine

They live the days with you

While I’m hidden in the dark depths of your nights

Melancholia all over me

I’m not one of them, will I ever be?

Pals, lovers and family

All so ever lucky

People around you, mesmerized by your charm

and the way you win their hearts, effortlessly

Tell me, does any of them feel passion as unrestrained as mine?

Will you be aware of me in this infinite time?

Or am I to be hidden in the dark depths of your nights

By Tejashwini Madyal

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